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“Providing Funds for Our Youth, Supporting the Whole Family”

Mission Statement

Scholarship funds are established and awarded to confirmed and active members of Christ Haven Pentecostal Church, Inc. to help assist in their primary, secondary, and high school educational endeavors. The Scholarship Ministry is compelled to serve our families through prayer, financial assistance, resources, and information. We promote the educational and spiritual growth of individuals who will become impactful leaders to the world for the cause of Christ Jesus. If you have a desire to see our youth excel academically, grow spiritually, and equip them with resources and leadership opportunities – this is the ministry for you! Please see any member of the Scholarship Ministry for more information!

Scholarship Ministry Members

Sis. Kuzonza Barnes, President

Sis. Pam Tisdal, Treasurer,

Sis. Cynthia Roberts, Secretary

Sis. Linda Baxter

Sis. Chantelle Cantave

Sis. Kimberly Hicks

Sis. Sheila Henry

Tribute to the late mother jean bolton

Mother Bolton served honorably on the Scholarship Ministry. She was a very, active ministry member until the Lord God called her home on November 19th, 2019.

With her great passion for the young people at Christ Haven, we could count on Mother Bolton to be a willing participant to the best of her ability. She was often the first one to volunteer for any task. 

Mother Bolton had a strong desire to help the scholarship applicants and even wanted to expand the scholarships to include our college students as she felt they also had great needs. During our meetings she would usually give valuable input whether it was about a fundraiser or fulfilling the scholarships. 

Having Mother Bolton present was always great. She was a Christian woman of great temperament and always with a kind word for us all. It was a pleasure to serve on the Scholarship Ministry with Mother Bolton.

Scholarship Applicant Recipients

Saniyah Bennet

Erika Butler

Malay Carter-Brewster

Nicholas Drekkett

Cymphoni Grant

Cherish Harley

Aigne’ Mosely-Heller

Nylah Mosley-Heller

Special Thanks!

Special Thanks To Our 2020-2021 Scholarship Ministry Youth Assistants! Your assistance was invaluable. You were a great asset to the Scholarship Ministry. We appreciate you!

Kimberly Barnes

Zenobia Barnes

Nicholas Drekkett

Anaya Knight

Melinda Morris

Nylah Mosley-Heller

Special Acknowledgements
Sis. Danine Bruce
Deaconess Deborah Burnett
Sis. Theresa Mosely