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Our Legacy

It was June of 1983 when God touched the heart of his humble, faithful servant, William F. Todd, Sr., to step out on faith and begin a ministry. A member of the Zion Apostolic Temple, Elder Todd obeyed and submitted himself to the will of the Lord. After prayer and counseling from his Pastor, Dr. Willa Mae Gibson, Elder Todd, his wife, Sister Thomasina Todd, and children left Zion Temple to pursue God’s will. The Lord directed Elder Todd to the suburbs of Philadelphia to begin a work in the city of Ardmore. Elder Todd, called to the pastorate, began with a small prayer group meeting. The group met for prayer and Bible class every Tuesday night and the Lord showed His faithfulness to His people by providing the needs of this fellowship of nine souls.

Through prayer and seeking of God’s face, the small prayer group soon moved to 173 Simpson Road, a small building that was formerly a neighborhood lounge. The doors of the new ministry and Christ Haven Church were officially opened on August 16, 1983 and, later, was officially dedicated to the glory of God by Bishop Freeman Thomas, the Presiding Bishop of the Pennsylvania State Council of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. The words “We Preach Christ” could be seen in the sanctuary of the two-room church on 173 Simpson Road and the church soon became the Haven on the corner where many wounded and weary souls entered in and were blessed.

Many souls were saved and restored through Elder Todd’s preached word which was anointed by the power of God. The congregation began to grow after six years. The growth of the church caused the building in Ardmore to no longer hold the congregation of members. Although Pastor Todd sought to stay in Ardmore, there was no place to accommodate the church’s needs.

Unable to stay and nowhere to go, Pastor Todd thought the ministry had run its course and prepared to place the saints in worthy ministries close to their homes. But as Pastor and the saints remained faithful and steadfast in prayer, God gave the assurance that a place was already prepared.

God prepared Bishop Todd by way of a dream where he saw a "Red Door" and a man in the dream that said, “Let's negotiate." As God would have it, there was a member of the church, Evangelist Jackie Flemming, who knew a realtor and eventually, this realtor--in the person of Evangelist Karen Fraser--stepped in to assist. At that time the realtor stated that she had three possible buildings, one being a church. Bishop responded, “Show me the church.” And just as the Lord had prepared him, there was indeed a Red Door and the Pastor of the church said the words, 'Let's negotiate."

On January 7, 1990, Christ Haven Pentecostal Church worshipped and praised God in their new edifice located at 206 S. 5th Street in Darby, Pennsylvania. God brought Christ Haven into a new phase of ministry, a church which was not only lovely on the outside, but a beautiful sanctuary on the inside that seated approximately 200. Pastor Todd, being led by God, anointed every pew in the church. Along with the saints of God, Pastor prayed for souls and prayed that the Darby community would never be the same as the church would hold up the blood stained banner of Christ.

In 1998 the Lord led Pastor Todd to join World Assemblies of Restoration (WAR) under the founder and presiding prelate, Bishop James D. Nelson. He was soon appointed District Elder, then Overseer, and shortly after was elevated to the Bishopric, Diocesan Bishop of the Third Diocese of WAR, and finally 2nd Assistant Presiding Bishop. After 20 years in Darby, where worship services were spirit-filled and blessed by the life changing presence and power of God, Pastor Todd moved the congregation to its current location. On November 26, 2010, Christ Haven members marched into their brand new state-of-the-art edifice and it was officially dedicated unto the Lord. The Christ Haven Worship Center resides at 6800 Lindbergh Boulevard in the heart of Southwest Philadelphia.

The Lord has blessed Christ Haven through the years, both spiritually and financially. Bishop Todd's accomplished mission has a continuing legacy and message rooted in Colossians 1:28, “We Preach Christ” and “Can’t Nobody Do Us Like Jesus."